What's your go-to summer sandal?

Tony Little Cheeks.png

I have a shoe addiction. I admit it and I'm not ashamed. I love them all -- except I don't wear a lot of heels anymore like I used to...like every.single.day. That pretty much stopped when we moved to California, and then having Owen. I haven't tried, but I assume it isn't easy to balance a toddler and grocery bags in 4" stilettos. If you do that...I worship you.

Now that summer is pretty much here, what with Memorial Day just behind us, I'm living in sandals. I have quite a few pairs, but oddly enough, I wear the flip flops pictured -- they're called Cheeks by Tony Little. Yes, the "You can DO IT!" guy with the ponytail. And...don't laugh at me, but...I bought them on HSN. I found them because my mom bought a pair and she's all, "Oh my GOSH these are sooo comfortable!" and you know what? SHE.WAS.RIGHT. So, I bought a pair and now we match when we're together. Super cool. /sarcasm. They're not the prettiest, no...but truthfully, they don't look as bad on as you think they would.


(SN: I can't find the leopard pair for sale anywhere except eBay, but here's the link to the other available options on HSN, which seems to be the only site that sells them)

There have been days when I thought I'd wear fancier sandals to run errands or something, and I was like..."actually...no. Where are my Tony's?" They're just my go-to's I guess. They don't slide off my foot and they make walking feel...easier, if that makes sense. I really need to make use of the other sandals I have, though - because I do have some super cute ones. It's just a matter of talking myself into it.


What are your go-to sandals?

Get that summer hair

 via mapleholistics.com

via mapleholistics.com

Did you ever notice that dry shampoo can really make your scalp itchy? 

Or, maybe it's just me. It feels like it sits there on my scalp, and by the end of the day, I'm not loving it. But, it's a small price to pay for not having to spend 15 minutes washing it and another 15-20 min blow drying it, all while trying to figure out what to do with a fun-loving, active toddler, I guess.

I was feeling like my scalp needed a good cleanse. A reboot, if you will. Clean, healthy scalp = clean, healthy hair. And, with spring/summer coming, healthy hair is a MUST. So, I tried this tea tree shampoo by Maple Holistics  - an all-natural, cruelty-free, made in the USA company. Their products are also sulfate-free and safe for colored hair. Score, score, score, score and score. 

The instructions for the shampoo say to wash, rinse, and then repeat. I admit - I skipped the repeat part the first time I used it, and while I saw a difference, I highly recommend following instructions. Because, when I did, I felt like my scalp was squeaky clean and healthy - and my hair was silky and soft. So, I'm a huge fan. Plus, did I mention they're all-natural and CRUELTY-FREE?! It doesn't get any better.

Oh, wait. It does.

Maple Holistics has an amazing free sample program, as well - so you can try the tea tree shampoo or any of their other products for free! Freeeeee! No commitment, no subscription, just free products to see if you love it as much as I love the tea tree shampoo that I now use once a week. 

Any day now, summer...

Those after-baby selfies

"I don't know. I just feel like I should get a one piece, now. I hate my belly."

I nodded, understanding how she felt. Nothing is worse than a fellow mom being all, "hate it?! That belly produced your child and you should be SO PROUD AND SHOW IT OFF ALL THE TIME, MAMA!" Like, can those moms just stop with that preachiness? I personally know my belly hasn't gone back to what it looked like before baby and I'm not ecstatic about it, and I'm not going to pretend to be. Granted, I also haven't been going crazy trying to exercise it 24/7, either. I never really did, anyway. I guess I was just blessed in that department - but now, after baby? Meh. Kind of a different story.

"I got a bikini. I refuse to wear a one piece unless I want to" I said. And, I meant it. I don't think that just because a woman has a baby, that means she has to dress "like a mom." Even in a bathing suit. While some one piece suits are super sexy and stylish, I prefer my tummy to get a little sun and I didn't sign over my right to a bikini when I got pregnant.

I know you've perused Instagram or other newsfeeds and have come across photos and posts of moms proudly showing their extra-skin bellies with/without stretch marks in bikinis (or underwear, which is so weird to me but to each their own). I actually recently saw one where two of the mom's three kids were pulling and twisting her extra skin while she laughed.

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