The unavoidable first post

Does anyone really read these? These first post things?introduction No matter what or whose blog it is, I always think first posts are incredibly awkward. Even if the blogger is like, super popular and one of the most confident people you've ever met (read)...their first post is likely reminiscent of arriving at a party where you only know the host/hostess and are thrown into the spotlight as the room is hushed and you are introduced to each and every person as you sheepishly shake their hands, totally embarrassed. You can hear a pin drop in the room and you want to cover your eyes, but it's not socially acceptable.


Here I am, again! And I just want to get this first post over and done with so we can get down to it. I missed doing this - writing, blogging, whatever.

So far, this blog is rough -- rough in design and whatnot. But, I missed writing so much, I couldn't wait. And, I figure if you choose to spend some time here, you'll be able to see it grow and change...almost like this is your baby, too.

Did I just freak you out?

While I have zero expectations for this new blog...I think this lil' space here will be exactly what my TU blog was -- full of randomness, some sarcasm, some serious thoughts and whatever else I want to share. I'm an oversharer sometimes, so you're in luck.

But you won't know that, because I doubt you'll read this first post, anyway.

Moving on...

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