A rare gift between women

The video posted below, which shows a female news anchor and female meteorologist exchanging sassy banter has gotten a lot of attention recently -- attention that exclaims the two women are enemies, can't stand each other, etc.


I watched, and...laughed hysterically.

To me, these women just have that special, rare gift -- when two women can let their sassy sense of humor fly freely between them, knowing feelings won't get hurt and backs won't get stabbed and that it's all in good fun.

Being able to take what you dish out is something that is sorely lacking in many people -- male and female.

Confidence is a big part of it, I think, as well as being on the same...say, 'level'...as one another. When two women don't feel the need to compete with one another -- especially, in this case, in the work place -- hilarious things like this happen.{C}

But -- when the sass is tossed around and there are people around watching who don't get it, or who are sensitive to anything other than sweet words, blinking eyes and fake smiles, of course things can be misconstrued. Especially when those shocked people are of the male gender.

Just take the guy in the beginning of the video. He calls their exchange "near hostile."


If that's near hostile, I'm a murderer.