Barbie feet



I love heels. I'm not a huge sneaker fan, but I do wear them, and I relish in the occasional flat shoe. But, still. I LOVE HEELS.

Lately, as I'm leafing through catalogs and magazines, I see more and more models in flat shoes. But, they're posing while standing on their toes, as if they're actually wearing heels. Or, in some cases, they're leaping in the air, with toes pointing down, as if they're sooo happy to be wearing flat shoes, but still want to elongate their leg as much as possible.

barbie feet.jpg

I get it. I mean, one of the huge benefits to wearing heels is the visual effect of the extra leg length one gets. Also, leg muscles are accentuated. So, while donning flats, legs look normal length...unless you tippy-toe it.

Or, apparently...jump for joy.

However, these posing methods couldn't look any more obvious. And insecure, in my opinion. You found/bought/are wearing some really cute flats? Awesome. OWN IT. You're on vacation and wearing a bathing suit and no shoes? Congrats. This isn't the swimsuit portion of the Miss America pageant. So, stand there, and sure -- pop a knee if you want, but -- let's be normal about this.

None of us have Barbie feet.

Carry on.