I need your wedding advice

"Don't be afraid to ask questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question."

wedding planner.png

-- Every teacher, everywhere, since forever. 

When we started the wedding planning process, I was determined to not get stressed out at all. I figured, hey...we know what we want for our wedding, because we know how we want to start our marriage: Stress-free and happy, with nothing but support and love from family and friends. And, it helps that we're not two young 20-somethings who have never been to a wedding, much less planned one.

But, no matter how simple it seems, a wedding takes a lot of thought and planning. There's really so much to think about, and so many places to find answers to questions.


So, forget The Knot, WeddingWire, etc. I'm coming to you. Here are some of my questions (so far):

Who designed your wedding shoes, and were they comfortable? I like to dance. And, I mean d-a-n-c-e. I'm also not one a "I'll just put flip-flops on" type of woman, so these shoes will be on all.night.long (that song will NOT be played, BTW). Badgley Mischka and Benjamin Adams are two designers I've been looking at the most.

Any ideas for a mother/bride dance? No father, so I would like to honor my wonderful mother and celebrate our amazing bond and relationship that day with a song moment. I have a song in mind, but it's sort of a slowish song, and I'm not sure how I feel about slow-dancing with my mom. Would that be weird?

Transportation? We need a limo. Nothing crazy. Classy and problem-free, please.

Tuxes? Who's the best in the Albany area, as far as tuxedos? (It's been a long time since prom, folks)

Registry. I started to look at registering last night, and I am so uncomfortable with this. We're a more "mature" couple, who already live together, but we still have pieces we'd like to add to our life as we grow even more together and make a family. Macy's is as far as I got. There are a few things we need/would like to start our marriage off with, and they're mostly kitchen/dining room related. Do you have any thoughts on gifts we may be overlooking, simply because asking for things feels a little unlike us?

I think that's all. For now.