Christmas wishes

It's like a cliche beauty pageant question: "If you had one wish, what would it be?"

"World peace."

christmas wishes.jpg

Lately, I've been thinking of asking for things that are next-to-impossible to get for Christmas. And, they're not something you'd have to stand in line at Best Buy for, or anything.

But, if there really was a Santa (don't read this blog post aloud to your kids, OK?) -- I'd ask for the following:

The end of any and all animal abuse. I'm so beyond tired of logging onto Facebook or a news station site and seeing one animal abuse story after another. Aren't you? It breaks my heart to pieces. I don't understand how anyone can be cruel enough to hurt an animal, and I think laws need to be much tougher when it comes to prosecuting these evil people. Animal abuse is a gateway to human violence. So, I wish for it all to end.

No more homelessness. Everyone deserves to know the comforts of a warm home, simple as that.

i mean, i just thought this was so cute

i mean, i just thought this was so cute

People will generally, and genuinely, respect each other and be nice. Nothing irks me more than overhearing someone speak meanly to someone else, especially when that person doesn't deserve it, and especially when that person is elderly, or a child. I think we could all stand a little reminder to get over ourselves and think more about other people and their feelings.

Kids can go to school and feel - and be - safe and happy. I don't care how it happens, although I would prefer just by sheer magic and not metal detectors, but I would just like to never hear of a school tragedy again. I would also like for people to stop being sue-happy so that schools don't have to enforce "sexual harassment" rules on 6-year-olds just in case a parent files a complaint and hires an attorney if they don't. Did you hear about this Colorado kid? I mean, whatever happened to a parent calling another parent and being like, "Hey, parent to parent...can we figure this out?" SCHOOLS ARE NOT PARENTS. /rant.


No more Taylor Swift. I know this wish might seem hypocritical after the "be nice" wish above, but come on, I just want her music to stop. And OK, fine...also to never have to see her face anywhere again.

Women to stop referring to themselves as "feminists" all angry-like. Unless you are actively organizing rallies and fighting a specific equality battle, you're about 93 years too late. However, if you think being a feminist means "girl power, let's have a glass of wine together!" -- well, then OK Lady Fem, I'm with ya.

I think that's a pretty good list. And if Santa thinks it's too long, I guess I can deal with Taylor Swift another year.

Merry Christmas!