Oh, Gisele

There's an Internet debate going on over a photo and tweet from Gisele. And, while there are opinions of "Ahh! I don't like seeing women breastfeeding! How offensive!" - most of the debate is centered around Gisele's use of the hashtag "multitasking" and how she isn't a "real mom" because she's getting her nails and hair done while feeding her baby. 



Personally, I love this photo. To me, it says women can have, and do it all - even if it's only for a moment like this. And, it reminds me of a classic photo. If it were black and white, it would look smashing in a magazine - or even framed. Call me crazy, but that's how I feel. But, however symbolic and perhaps inspirational I find it, I also don't think it's something to take seriously.

But, I'm not a mom yet, so maybe I would feel differently if I were. Or, maybe not, since I imagine I will be too busy to sit on the Internet and care about what some model is doing. 

I used to work with a woman who would pump her breast milk at work, on her lunch breaks. She'd go in to the small employee kitchen area and put a sign on the door "Privacy please, thank you!" and we all knew what it meant, even though we could hear the pump suctioning away before even reaching the kitchen door. While we all supported her and happily scheduled our kitchen needs around her schedule, I couldn't help but wonder how she really felt about having to do such an intimate thing in the same place her colleagues shoved their lunches in their faces and spilled coffee on the counters, not to mention storing her milk in the same refrigerator as two-day-old sandwiches and crusty salad dressing bottles.

So, I know Gisele's photo is not the norm, but is anything she does normal? I mean, most women aren't supermodels, either.