It's not OK to be a b-word


I like to pride myself on the fact that I treat people in the customer service industry with the utmost respect. I never talk down to them (I don't even think I would know how), I tip well and I am always as easy as possible to wait on. That goes for restaurants, beauty salons, etc. And, it's true what they say about being able to tell a lot about a man by the way he treats your server - because my almost-husband is the exact same way.

And, whenever we encounter an issue, and the servicer apologizes, we consistently say "It's OK!" - because it is. I mean, things happen - nothing is perfect; you just move on.

So, that may be why when we encounter snooty, rude and/or just plain mean service, we are incredibly dumbfounded and shocked as to why it's happening. I mean, if I'm not being a b-word...why are you?!

On our flight back to NY, we were settled with Moxie dozing quietly in her carrier under the seat in front of me, and our magazines placed upon our trays. The flight attendants began their beverage service and Louis and I confirmed to each other what we'd be ordering once their cart came to our row. We were ready to toast to a successful first-time boarding with Moxie - and to Christmas.


The attendant on the cart was the same attendant who delivered her "welcome" speech just minutes before, in a very snappy, edgy tone. Passengers around us exchanged glances and raised eyebrows at it - THAT is how weird it was. I mean, people were excited to be traveling for the holidays and she was almost bursting their bubbles.

I kept an eye on the beverage cart while perusing my magazine, and watched Ms. Snippy Snap ask each passenger if they'd like a drink. She had started in the front of the plane, sailed to the back and worked her way to the middle - where we were. I saw/heard the family of three in front of us shake their heads at a beverage offer, but the row across from them ordered. After the attendant was done, she flew right past our row without even a glance, to head back to the rear of the plane.

NOOOOOOOO. Momma needs her wine.

 Without a word, Lou took action, and bellowed to the attendant, "Excuse me!" and Ms. Snippy Snap came back, attitude and all.

"Yesssss", she asked, with her head wiggling and her hand on her hip I KID YOU NOT.

"You skipped over us..." Lou offered, with a smile.

"Were you sleeping," she asked, without a smile, and in a know-it-all manner, as if we were sleeping and didn't know it, or something.

flight attendant.jpg

"No", Lou responded.

"Ooookaaay? I mean, we human, too. We make mistakes", she said, while nodding and blinking incessantly.

Seriously?! And, "we make mistakes" is like, the last thing anyone should say while working on an airplane.

"Well, were you going to come back," he questioned...too-politely, in my opinion.

"No", she said, point-blank. My mind was blown at this point.

"Well, can we order?"

"Okaaaay" - and she took our order - and delivered it, just as snippy and tense.

I have never had a rude flight attendant. Never. I've had a rude server, a rude bartender, a rude just about every other profession - but I have never, ever had a rude flight attendant until now. Rude is the last thing they're supposed to be, especially given the close quarters.

When we landed and gathered our belongings to make our way to the exit, Ms. Snippy Snap was there, bidding farewell (and probably wishing them a slow, painful death) to the passengers. Once she reached us, she offered "Thank you...and sorry about that..."

For the first time, I just couldn't say "It's OK!"

So I said, "Merry Christmas."