(No) table for two

It was probably a few times of hearing "it'll be a 30-45 minute wait" before we figured out eating at a restaurant's bar is better than any table they could offer us. 

Sure, it's easier because there's only two of us, but there are so many pros to sitting and eating at the bar, that now when we see a couple waiting for/seated at a table, it just looks odd.

Lots of attention and prompt service. Like servers, bartenders obviously work for tips too, so they're definitely paying close attention to your needs - and they're never too far away to get their attention when needed. 


Usually, bartenders have great personalities. So, short but interesting convos could happen throughout your dining experience, often if there's something on the bar TV to spark it. 

Refill on that martini, girl? Boom, here it is. And, you didn't have to shift uncomfortably in your seat while watching your server carry it across the dining room, balancing it on a tray while spilling it juuuust enough so that when you pick up the glass to cheers, it's sticky. 

Funny enough, the bar area is usually quieter in most restaurants, than the dining room. This makes for more intimate conversations on date night. And, since you're sitting next to each other instead of across, you can bump knees and lean in for a smooch with ease. 


At the bar, there are no screaming children. Hell, there are ZERO children. 

If you are so inclined, you can partake in conversations with your neighbors. They're probably just as fun as you are, since they're also dining at the bar. 

People watching. So much better at the bar. 

waiting for table.jpg

If the restaurant plays good music, you can most likely hear it better when not seated in the noisy dining room. 

Done for the night? Motion for that bartender and you have your check sooo much quicker since they don't have to stop at the table with the screaming children in order to get a refill order and a wet cloth for the milk that was spilled. 

Make sure on your way out, you wave and wink to the couple who got their pager before you and are STILL miserably waiting for their table.