Quickie: I don't get the Olympics

I've never been a big sports person. I mean, I like golf, tennis...bowling, volleyball (in a resort pool with tequila shots, preferably). But, give me a bat and I'm handing it right back to you. Which is funny, because I have superb hand-eye coordination.

I will, however, admit I LOVE these Ralph Lauren getups.

I will, however, admit I LOVE these Ralph Lauren getups.

I also don't watch sports. However, to my credit - I also didn't get the big deal about Richard Sherman's rant into Erin Andrews' microphone. The man had passion, and Andrews handled herself perfectly. I mean, he's a football player, not a golfer.


That aside, I don't get why the Olympics is such a big deal. OK, so it's all about pride in your country, and watching really talented people do what they're really talented at...likely with the help of steroids, but still. To me, it's no different than an awards show...minus the red carpet fashions.

Also, I saw a news report on the terror in Russia - I mean just Google it - and how they found 4 dead bodies strapped with bombs and how "don't worry, the Olympics security is going to be heightened..." and I wonder WHY IN THE WORLD ARE WE DOING THIS? 

(SN: For a long time, I thought Sochi was in Japan. It doesn't sound Russian, does it?!)

I say: Let's all do our own competitions in our own countries, air them on TV - then compare times/notes - and then...have an awards show to give the winners their medals. 

Complete with a red carpet fashion pre-show.

Happy Friday!