Just chill the (expletive) out

I went to this place called Bagels & Brew (coffee, not beer) during peak lunch hour yesterday, and ordered a honey wheat bagel with veggie cream cheese. After waiting for more than a few minutes than seemed necessary, the young man behind the counter called my name with a worried look on his face. I approached the counter, and he said, "Amanda, I'm so sorry to inform you of this...but, I was just informed of this myself. I don't know how to say it, but we're out of vegetable cream cheese." His tone, and the worried/scared look on his face was the same as if he was giving me a death sentence. I laughed and said, "It's OK - just give me plain, then." The worry did not leave his face, as I expected it to, and he replied, "Are you sure?!" and apologized profusely.

This poor guy. I mean, have people flipped out on him about this before? Anxious and hyper people make me sooo nervous and uncomfortable - especially in public. And, that made me wonder. What else are people having an unnecessary hissy fit over? I think people get way too bent out of shape over the silliest, smallest things. Here is an off-the-top-of-my-head list of some things not to get upset over in life:

Waiting in line. Relax. You are not more important than anyone else in that line. Take that time to reflect on things, like how you maybe should have gotten there sooner, what you have to do for the rest of the day, what you're going to have for dinner or do after work - or this weekend. Or, strike up a conversation with someone in front of/behind you. Just don't be creepy about it.

Traffic. Same logic as waiting in line, except now you have a radio! So, sing a song.

Someone's (small) grammar/spelling mistakes. Believe me, I know how annoying the "your/you're" thing is, but sometimes you just can't get all worked up over someone else's mistakes. However, if their horrible grammar/email composition/spelling is abundant and literally painful to read...that's another story.

Saying "good morning" to someone - and they don't say it back. Chill out, maybe they're having a bad day. Don't take it personally. And, hey - at least you're polite.

A person's personal lifestyle/appearance/choices that have absolutely zero impact on your life, but you don't agree with them? *sings* "Let it gooooo, let it gooooo..." I mean, come on. Like you're perfect?

The weather. Oh my word, you need a life if one of the first three things you talk about to someone involves anything about the weather and how bad or good it is.

You're at the beach/a movie/a coffee shop, and - God forbid - someone sits next to/near you. What did you think was going to happen? Honestly.

An eatery runs out of your regular bagel/muffin/pastry/whatever. ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B READY. For the love of all those people freaking out behind you because they're waiting in a line, do not ask the person at the register, "Are you sure you're out? Really?!" and let it throw you so far off your game that you stand there contemplating what you should try for apparently the very first time in your life, and ask, "Is it gooooood?" before you order. Variety is the spice of life. Try new things and go with your gut. Maybe then you'll have more to talk about than the weather.

Someone unfriends/unfollows you on social media. Please do not make this a big dramatic thing to talk to your friends/family/coworkers about all scandalously, as if that person just told you "F off!" to your face. Instead, ponder inward - ask yourself if you are annoying on social media, or if you said something to them in real life, to cause their disinterest in you online. Or - better yet, move on quietly with your life. 

I'm sure if I really wanted to, I could come up with many more, and I'll probably think of them as soon as I hit 'publish' on this post. However, what it all comes down to, really, is that people need to chill the *&$% out.

Happy Thursday, m'friends!