Sun where there 'should' be snow

I'm a Northeast girl - born and raised. So, I am obsessed with all things fall. But, I was actually somewhat OK with a Southern California autumn. After all, it was a new experience. So, I silently dealt with the lack of foliage, nippy air and scarf-clad citizens. Instead, making peace with the warm sunny days, t-shirt weather and palm trees. I forced myself to order a hot pumpkin spice latte - and hated it. Pumpkin coffee does not taste good while sunning by the pool. Just so ya know.

Thanksgiving approached, and it was clear that this 'pesky' sunshine wasn't going away. I realized I certainly wouldn't be gazing out of my living room window at falling snow, or grey cloudy skies this winter. Instead, I found that I'm forced to shuffle down to the beach and take a warm morning walk, or read about Christmas cookie and cocktail recipes in magazines by the pool. On Thanksgiving day, it was 85 degrees, and I had to 'begrudgingly' strip my JCrew cranberry cardigan from my shoulders, and wear just the black tank top underneath. It felt so weird. The turkey had more dressing than me.

And now, well now - can you just imagine how Christmas lights look on my balcony during the day, when the sun is just beaming down on them, and at night, when people are walking by them in shorts?! Horrible, that's how. Just...'horrible.'


Because, really. Who could ever get sick of this?! Do I miss snow? NOPE. Do I wish I could put on a heavy coat just to take Moxie out? Do I wish I could get up earlier to shovel a walkway? NOT A CHANCE. I know the Northeast got a bunch of snow for Thanksgiving, and sure - a part of me was like, "Awww", but just look at these photos from the past couple weeks here - including our "beachy" Christmas tree! And, cheers to Monday...whether your latte is hot or iced.