I can't have nice things

It's sunny today where I am. Is it sunny where you are?

As I was going through my every day tote bag the other day - which also doubles as my carry-on when traveling - I found two pairs of sunglasses, just hanging out, not in a protective case. This is pretty standard for me, and I often scold myself for it.

And never do anything different. *shrug*

I stumbled upon this cool fashion blog last night - a Chicago fashion blogger - and agree with her assessment on expensive sunglasses vs. inexpensive sunglasses.

Nikia says: "Buy them too cheap, and they break for no apparent reason. Pay too much for them, and you end up losing them or later find out that if you had just waited a few months, you could have bought them on eBay for a third of the price."


And, as much as I admire expensive sunglasses, and would like a pair - I am 100% certain I would completely ruin them in less than two days. And then they would look cheap.

So, I personally buy my sunnies at TJ Maxx/Marshalls (I know - shocking). The best thing is, you can get designer shades for like, $12.99. And, yeah - they don't have Chanel C's on the side or anything - but I don't care, because I automatically assume everyone wearing Chanel sunnies are fakies, anyway.

Especially if that person is wearing VS Pink sweatpants and Uggs. I mean, come on.