Advice from strange, married people

When people learn that I'm getting married (in three weeks, now), they pepper me with a whole bunch of marriage advice bullets. Because we've only been in Chicagoland for 10 months, 99% of these people are strangers.

So, I nod and listen to them...and wait for them to walk away.

But, just because they're strangers, doesn't mean they don't have good advice. It also doesn't mean they have good advice, either. It does mean that none of this advice was solicited, however.

So, I've made a note of most of the little tips I've received, and would like to share them with you, because they are insightful, sassy, funny or plain ol' ridiculous. Enjoy:

"Remember that you're still the same person."

"On your wedding day, the best day of your life, remember it's all about the two of you. Don't cater to anyone's BS, and - don't put up with it."

"My wife got fat after we got married. Don't do that."

"Have fun. We were best friends, her and I. We had so much fun doing anything. I haven't had half as much fun since she passed."

"Saying 'yes dear' goes for the gal, too. Both people should say that a lot."

"Just wait until you're married. You're never gonna dress up fancy again. My wife only wears sweatpants. Same ones."

"Take it from me...divorce sucks. Remember that."

"Getting married was the best thing I ever did. Having kids was the best thing WE ever did."

"Forsaking all others goes for more than just being faithful. It means forsaking anyone who has much ado about your marriage. My late husband always took his sister's side (laughs) - I used to say, 'If you could, you woulda married her!'"

"Learn how to cook. Women today don't cook anymore."