(Wedding) Flowers and food

On the plane, to Aruba, a husband and wife sat next to me, and the wife commented on us being the last row in the plane and how nervous she is about flying. I smiled and asked the obligatory "where are you two from?" questions. We got to chatting about weddings.

"Congratulations! My daughter's getting married in October. She's having silk flowers."

Me: "Oh?!"

"Yes, I heard they're lovely and all the rage now. Because flowers are really expensive. Are you having real flowers?"

Me: "Yes, yes...I love flowers too much to not have real flowers." 

She then gave me the saddest look, and told me she wishes her daughter didn't go with "fake flowers", because she thinks flowers are one of the most important details of the day. I agreed with her, and said, "Flowers and food. Those are my top two things." 

I know everyone has different priorities, opinions, tastes when it comes to what's important on their big day. But, I'm gonna talk about mine right now, OK? OK, cool.

I knew right away what kind of flowers I wanted, and in what colors. I just think flowers set the entire feel of the ceremony and reception. They actually communicate with guests, almost - is this a laid-back, fun, crazy wedding? A romantic, elegant wedding, etc. 

AND THEY SMELL SO GOOD. So, yes, the matter of flowers was a very important one for me. 

And, food? I also knew pretty darned quickly where I wanted our reception to be. Let's just say...they have a real 'taste' for cuisine.

I mean, please. Please. Everyone knows it's the worst when you go to a wedding and the food sucks. Plain ol' chicken or beef with a slapped-on spoonful of mashed potatoes and cold carrots is NOT what I had in mind.

I think a wedding's flowers and food should be a direct reflection of the couple. Like, "Hello, this is what this couple and their love would look like if they were flowers. Also, this is what they would taste like if they were food. Enjoy."

We are not plain chicken and cold carrots people.

Or fake, for that matter.