Little Victories



I've blogged about LV's before, but I'll tell you again what I think they are: Basically, they're the itty-bitty things that make life a bit sweeter. 

Let's go over some, and please - feel free to share yours with me. I can never have enough sweetness.

Making your coffee at work without being interrupted by a coworker forcing you to make small talk while you add creamer and sugar while fighting the urge to tell them to stop asking me what I did this weekend and I don't care what you did, either! I mean, there should be a rule that the office kitchen is a no-talking zone before the hour of noon. Important note: I don't currently have this problem, but I've been there - and the times when you can get in and get out are golden.

Finding a satellite radio station where every single song they play is one you'd add to a playlist. This is an LV because music sets the mood - of the environment and one's actual mood. A continuous stream of music that you're like "Yes! I love this song" is just priceless. There's nothing worse than a crappy song coming on after an awesome one. 181.FM - Chilled out is my current fave.

Free chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant. Not every Mexican restaurant does this, but when they do - it's glorious. And dangerous. Sometimes I forget there's an actual food menu to order from.

Opening a yogurt and not  splattering it on yourself. I've only been victorious once. 

Dropping your cell - multiple times - and it still works. I've seen so many people with cracked cell phone screens, and/or complaining about their sound going away after dropping their phone. And, I have dropped my iPhone so many times - sometimes without a case on it - and it still works perfectly. I've had so many LV's when it comes to this, that I am sure I have reached my limit, and the next time will have a different outcome.

Finding a napkin, floss, a stamp, pen, lint brush, etc. when you need one. When you need something in-the-moment, and aren't quite sure if you actually have that item, but then you find out that you do - it's like a big bear hug from the Universe.

And, Fridays are a Big, enjoy yours!