Peep this!

We're married now! Our wedding was beyond amazing. I can't thank the wonderful people we worked with enough. It's not easy to plan an Albany, NY wedding from Chicago, but I had the best support and communication ever. In award show fashion, I thank:

Maura Gannon, Chef Mark Graham and Chef Jonathan Quinn at Taste, as well as their entire staff. Jennifer McIntyre at Bella Salon, my hair genius and friend of more than 15 years. Leigh Brockmann (a new TU blogger!) for her makeup mastery. You can find her at Strut Spalontique starting June 1. Fleurtacious Designs (hi Stacey!) for the fleurs of a lifetime. Justin Tibbitts Photography for capturing the most memorable day of my life thus far - and for the fun photo booth! Patrick Bergeron, Metro Music, for his expert DJing skills, and awesome personality. Elizabeth Huntley, for her beautiful harp music. Royale Limo - Bob was so lovely and attentive. And, Schakolad Chocolate Factory in East Greenbush, for our delicious favors. I think that's everyone.

I will most likely change the name of this lil' blog, since my last name is no longer Talar, but to be honest, I have no idea what to change it to (my new last name is on the longer side). I'm thinking it will come to me at some point soon.

do feel different now that we're married. I didn't think I would feel any different, but I love that I do. I feel complete. Sorry if that's too corny or anti-feminist or something, but it's true. I also didn't think Lou and I could get any closer, but we did. For some reason, I'm also so much funnier as a married woman. You'll see.

If you haven't been already, may I strongly suggest a trip to the Finger Lakes region of New York. The scenery is beautiful, the wineries are so fun and the parks and trails are so gorgeous and relaxing.

Now, it's photo time!