Now that I have your attention...I need to have a tiny rant.

I know you've seen this Playtex commercial (video after the jump) in which women wearing bras walk around in front of the screen and talk about having big boobs. Well, I had the TV on for background noise yesterday, and I heard one of those women say, "some of us more endowed than others..." I snapped my head up at that proud and slightly cocky statement, and saw the same woman laughing right after saying it. Like, neener neener neener.

Now, these commercials and bras are focusing on women who have larger, natural breasts and need support...not women with implants. I assume the support level with implants is different. Speaking of implants, Leigh has a great post on how those are trending down.

I believe it, too. Kendall Jenner is currently winning the Kim Vs. Kendall plunging tuxedo incredibly scientific as that evidence is.

I love when women are proud and confident in their bodies. I think it's the only way to be. But, the "our boobs are bigger than yours" statement in the Playtex commercial got me thinking.

Why aren't there similar proud and confident bra commercials for women with smaller breasts? It seems all other bra commercials are for push-up, padded, "It's a boob job in a bra!" bras, in order to give us the illusion of bigger bosoms, thus making us feel more confident. But, where's the commercial with a woman proclaiming, "I have just enough..." and flashing the camera a knowing wink? I feel like there's a whole demographic not being represented.

And, by that token, why aren't there similar endowment-comparison commercials for men?