My guiltiest pleasures


Here's all I have to say about my guilty pleasures: There is zero shame in my game.

I am a huge fan of crappy reality shows...or rather, "reality" shows. I love Real Housewives of Everywhere (especially Orange County, now - since that's where we're movin'). I find it hilarious that nearly all of the housewives are in their mid-to-late 40s and 50s, nip/tucked to high heavens, and they alllll talk about how confident they are - but then they get upset, fight and cry over the stupidest things, like "She's sitting in my seat!" Also - Vanderpump Rules is in this same category, except those peeps are in their 20s, work at a restaurant, sleep with each other, and thus - have a reason to cry all the time. I love it.

Tostitos Salsa Con Queso. This is seriously liquid crack. I don't look at the calories, fat, carbs - or serving size. Do not ever put a jar of this golden goodness in front of me, and expect me not to make a meal out of it. Stop making that face. It's so goooooooood. Try it, and hate me for your addiction later.

One time, I watched a Real Housewives marathon while eating Tostitos Salsa Con Queso. #welcometoheaven

Talking to myself when I'm alone, and doing things like applying makeup or cooking. I will sometimes talk myself through whatever I'm doing, as if I'm starring in my own TV show. Embarrassing example: "I like to chop the peppers not-so-finely, because I like to hear the sound of the crunch while I'm enjoying my salad!" *Smiles Giada-like, lifts cutting board and uses knife to slide peppers into bowl* ... *Refills wine glass.*

Black Ops 2. I told you I love video games.

All for meeee?

All for meeee?

Stealing white washcloths from hotels. I only use white washcloths on my face. And, often - hotels have really nice ones. I have no justification for this, other than I don't always do it, and haven't in a long time. Mostly because I admitted this GP to some family members, and have been receiving white washcloths and towels for Christmas/housewarming gifts ever since. Thanks for keeping me clean, y'all. Literally.

Root beer. I don't like soda much, unless it has something 'extra' in it - but root beer is delicious. It's like liquid dessert in a can/bottle/glass. It must also be Barq's. I don't drink it often, because I know soda dissolves rusty nails and stuff. Although, I bet a nail would dissolve much quicker in a jar of salsa con queso.

Commenting on media-related Facebook pages and getting into spirited debates with people - always intelligently, without name-calling and vulgarity of course, because then you lose credibility. But, it's interesting to share opinions and discuss points, especially on topics I feel  particularly passionate about. Like - animal rights, social behavior/manners, music, fashion, and various current events.

Like the upcoming season of Vandenbergh Vanderpump Rules.