Somebody get this guy a muzzle

The other night, I took Moxie out for her final business before bed - which is usually a quick trip in and out, with me in my jammies and also ready for bed. What I'm trying to say is...quick + pajamas = I don't wanna see/talk to anybody. 

As she finished, we began our (very short) walk back inside - and I saw a guy walking his three (one large, two medium-size) dogs. Of course, once the dogs spotted Moxie, they began barking and knocking into each other like idiots. 

"I'm sorry" the guy says while laughing nervously.

"Oh, it's okay - no prob" I reply and smile. And, I mean it. I know there's nothing like your dog(s) embarrassing you and making you look like an incompetent owner. Besides, I totally get the gang mentality of dogs, especially when it's against Moxie. She never falls prey to their crap - never barks back or appears threatened/scared. Instead, she prances by with her quiet little confident nose forward. So, I follow her lead.

As we kept walking back to our house, I noticed one of his medium-sized dogs was planted firm, staring us down and barking hysterically, even as the guy tried to walk the other way. 

"Come on, guys - she doesn't feel like being friendly" I heard the guy say, loud enough that I knew I was meant to hear him, and in a tone that was meant to incite some kind of reaction from me.


1) I am not obligated to stop and talk with you, or let our dogs sniff each other's butts because we both happen to have dogs, no matter what time of day it is - but especially at 9 p.m. at night and I'm in my PJs for crying out loud. 2) I most certainly will not bring my 13 lb. dog over to your three maniacal, much larger dogs. 3) I'm a woman, you're a man, and it's dark out. What man bellows that nonsense to a woman in the dark? A frickin' creeper, that's who.

I'm all for dogs meeting one another whilst on walks - but I certainly know how to read people and their dogs while on them. Some people know their dogs aren't friendly and they'd prefer to keep to themselves. I appreciate and respect that. Some people aren't friendly and prefer to keep to themselves. I also respect that, and I don't passive-aggressively tell them what I think of them via loudly explaining it to my dog. At least not while they're still in earshot.

Some people even have special-colored leashes to let you know if you should keep yourself, your dog and your children away from their dog, or if they're approachable. That's so nice. But, all some other people need to do in order to let you know that, is to be in their pajamas and walking towards their home. You know, common sense stuff.

Anyway, I wasn't sure what kind of response - if any - this guy wanted out of me. Did he want me to walk over and be like, "Oh, I'm sooo sorry, you're right..." with my tail between my legs, and let my dog get mauled by his? Did he want me to just keep walking and not say anything in response, letting him feel justified in his statement? 

'Cause I wasn't about to do either one of those things. I'm East Coast, baby. I'm also a lady.

I turned back around. "Excuse me? That was very rude of you to say. Have a good night."

As I turned back toward my house, I heard him respond.

"I apologize. Good night."

And that, my friends, is how you train a dog.