This is a two-topic post. 1) I'm suffering from literary memory loss and 2) I love bookshelves so much.

I most recently read If I Stay - the book about two Oregon teens that inspired the romantic movie that I absolutely cannot wait to see this Friday. I loved the book so much that I'm currently reading the sequel. There were a few 'Dawson's Creek' moments in the book, because I didn't think that a 17-year-old would use words like "bequeathed" but maybe in Oregon they do, so I rather enjoyed the intelligence.

As I finished the book, I started looking thru the other books I have on my Kindle, and because I always delete samples of books I don't intend to finish - every book on there is a book I've read completely. But, I can't remember a LOT of them.

I suppose some books stay with you, while others just kind of...float away, but not even the titles were sparking my memory. Like, One Pink Line, The Silent Wife, The Interestings and She's Come Undone. Without Wikipedia-ing these books, I have zero idea what they're about. I mean, I wouldn't even accept a bet on it. Does this happen to you? Please say yes, because I otherwise have a great memory, I think.

I'm looking for this. Just kidding (sort of).

I'm looking for this. Just kidding (sort of).

I don't know. Maybe I read too much. I blame the beach.

So, I spent way too much time yesterday on an Internet search for a bookshelf, because despite my Kindle, I also have real books, and we need one for our new place. I looked on Amazon, Overstock, West Elm (ridiculously $$$$), Etsy and even Craigslist. I found that bookshelves are slightly more expensive than they should be, and if you want an inexpensive one, it's going to be made out of particleboard. Lookin' at you, IKEA. Any suggestions y'all have on where you got your not-super-expensive bookshelf is very welcomed.

Otherwise, maybe I'll hit up some OC garage/estate sales this weekend! I can't even imagine what they're like. Someone got a $23,000 ring for $10 at a garage sale here, once. So...stay tuned.