Get over it, mom

It seems every other day, there's a new story about a mom - celebrity mom or not - breastfeeding in public, and of course there's a photo, and details about someone(s) in public freaking out about it. Or, it's a story about kids not being allowed in a fancy restaurant, a woman getting picked on for showing stretch marks on the beach, or moms not wanting to vaccinate their children and why other moms are m-a-d about it.

And, it's just too much beating of a dead horse. 

And, the most recent breastfeeding-in-public story...was done for a magazine photo shoot. And also to feed the baby, but GLAMOUR Magazine was there, too.

If there's one thing sites like Yahoo! Shine, Buzzfeed, etc. will do with this story, just like with every other of its nature, it's write a 5-second mindless post on it, and then share the shizz out of it to get clicks and comments on their own site/social media. Parenting situations always illicit extremely opposing views that people have no problem spewing on each other online. I mean, you think Buzzfeed gives an s-word about making a difference and taking a stand for social change? Nopes. S'all about the mighty dollar, baby.

Bottom line for me, though - these stories are whiny. And old. And weak.

Writing blog posts and Facebook updates that go viral only feeds the fire for those online rags to pick up the story/post and throw it out to its readers like steak to a pack of wolves. And, why would you want to bring out the comments from the very same 'type' of people who are against/freaked out/disgusted by whatever the mom was doing in the first place? You aren't going to change their minds. So, it's a vicious, unending cycle.

So, I say if you're a mom who gets weird looks/comments/confronted for breastfeeding in public, or some idiot has something to say about your stretch marks - call upon the power of our foremothers, and STAND UP TO THEM in the moment, like they did, because they didn't have Facebook or a mommy blog. Then, move on. Don't go home and stew over it, letting your pent-up fury out through your fingertips after the kids are in bed.

That's when you should be relaxing.

I love you, moms.