Rings of memories

Remember how difficult it was for me to find the perfect wedding band? Well, I found one (obviously).

The other night, we had dinner out with friends. During a pause in conversation, I found myself looking down at my hand, touching my rings - and a random thought of how beautiful my grandmother looked at our wedding came to mind.

Then I thought, these rings really do hold so much.

Growing up, I loved rings. It was the 90s, so I basically wore one on every finger. Then, I bought myself this really delicate gold ring with one of my first paychecks. I loved it so much I only wore that ring, and I wore it every day on my right hand ring finger. The ring was so light, that I barely knew it was there. And one day, I went to school and settled into my desk. I began pulling out my books, and noticed my ring was gone. I never found it. I was so heartbroken, that I shied away from wearing 'everyday rings' - and opted for big, statement cocktail rings I'd take off after a fun night out. It's like I thought, well, I'll wait until I get engaged/married and then it will really be special. Sort of like my fingers were practicing ring celibacy.

Now, I'm slightly OCD about my wedding rings. I know of a few women who never, ever remove their rings. I think that's really romantic. And, for a while, I felt a little guilty when I would take my rings off to go to sleep, and I definitely don't wear them in the shower, in the pool, or at the beach - because I'm terrified of something happening to them or losing them. AND...I clean my rings regularly - once a week, sometimes twice. 

I know it might sound crazy, overprotective and maybe even a bit ridiculous to you. And yes, I know that while wedding rings are sacred symbols, they are technically material items - but to me, they're also keepers of memories that happened on the most special day of my life thus far. They were actually present for the memories, ya know?

They 'saw' my mom walk me down the aisle. They saw my uncles get emotional and cry a few times. They saw me get teary when my grandfather said, "You look beautiful" just before I reached the altar. Then, they saw our vows, our first kiss as husband and wife, our first dance. They saw a packed dance floor of happy people. They saw my gorgeous cream-colored rose bouquet up close, and held every card from family and friends filled with loving words. And, really - all that is just skimming the surface. There are countless memories that I know will resurface - and be created - for these rings to remind me of every now and then. 

So, I gotta keep them clean in order to let it all shine through.