Overheard in OC

You probably have some preconceived notion of people who live in Orange County, CA. Either you've watched The OC, Laguna Beach, The Real Housewives of Orange County...or you've been here. Thing is, any sort of negative connotation you have about the peeps here in OC, the reality is that it's just pepper in this big, beautiful place. 

I would say 98% of the people I've come across are extremely pleasant, nice, and friendly - more than Chicago, and even more than Upstate NY. And, most people I find are not originally from Orange County. They're from other places in California, or even other states, like me. But, there's pretentiousness here, don't get me wrong - and hilariously head-shaking things I overhear in public. And, I just can't deal with it. So, I share it with you! Ready? 

A young man, around the age of 14 or 15, in Homegoods with a friend, hanging out in the furniture section, waiting for mom, and loudly saying (while shoppers walked around him): "I don't think 'press 1 for English' should be an option, dude. If you are in this country - even if you aren't born here - you should speak English!" Um, use your inside voice, dude. And, say that stuff in the comfort of your own home, not Homegoods. And, good luck in the real world, or when you get a pimple, you dramatic little dork.

A man outside of the DMV, loudly on his cellphone, while we were both waiting for our cars to be inspected: "Michael Brown was a thug. He approached the cop, and the officer was protecting himself. Michael Brown asked for it, and his community is rallying for a complete cyst on society?! Just blow up the whole town - ha ha ha, hell - the state." No matter anyone's opinion on Ferguson, it's not really wise to loudly exclaim such opinion in public. He actually made my stomach churn. Once he got off the phone, he tried to strike up a conversation with me, and I just stared blankly and coldly at him. What I wish I had the guts to do, was say, "Don't approach me, you thug.

A 20-something guy, close to me on the beach, to his friend: "My girl told me she was gonna cut her wrists when I tried to end it, bro. So, I just can't. I attract all the crazy ones, man." Two seconds later, someone's umbrella escaped and blew almost right on top of me. The guy rushed over and helped me pick it up, which was nice. I wanted so badly to say, "I'm not crazy, I swear! And, I'm married!" - but, I didn't. Because that actually would be crazy.

A woman, in the grocery store, to her teenage daughter: "I can't take you on Saturday, Daddy has to. I have Patricia's Botox party that night." 

I think that's all...for now. This really should be a regular feature, shouldn't it? Indeed.