OK, moms. Help! It's a registry for a HUMAN BEING

OK. So, I was totally fine when it came to our wedding registry. I mean, it's easy shopping for yourself, I think. Or, I know. Anyway, this is completely different. This is for a smaller human being who can't talk yet. So, I need to not only be a mind reader, do a ton of research and check stuff off lists (which I'm definitely doing) - I need your help. 

I know a lot of sites like Buy Buy Baby and Target give you a jumping-off point when it comes to creating a baby registry, but it's still overwhelming. And, I know that the best resources are moms who have done this, and who are either SO GLAD they registered for certain items, or wish they'd registered for those items. 

And, I'm asking if you'll tell me what those are. Please? I love you.

For example...car seats. I like the idea of a convertible car seat we can have for a while as the baby grows into toddlerhood, but do I need an infant car seat too? 

Also, what are the best bottles?

Also, strollers. Ahh! I mean, when do you put babies in strollers? Here's what I'm imagining, and tell me if you think I'm dreaming. I imagine the baby goes in a car seat and when I'm ready to take baby out of car seat and walk someplace, I put baby in the Moby wrap, snuggled up next to me, instead of putting baby in a stroller. But, then again, what if I want to go for a stroll with still-newborn baby? Is that OK? Or, is baby big enough at that point to be in a stroller like the one pictured

Also, what kind of tub did you enjoy washing baby in?

If you think of anything else...please feel free to share. I'm listening!