Jojo is a hoho

OKAY. So, I don't know if you still watch The Bachelorette, but I hope you do because I hate that I love it. Normally, I can see flecks of realness within the fakeness that is this TV show, like when the guys do stupid things on dates and completely turn the bachelorette off, or if the guys have annoying mannerisms or personalities, etc. And, normally I can sympathize with the bachelorette and feel that slight fellow-female solidarity with her. 

But...NOT Jojo. I'll tell you why.

I know the "thing" on this show is that the bachelorette is the princess and she gets to kiss all the frogs and find her prince. And, that things move pretty quickly in Bacheloretteland. But, I can't help but notice that Jojo has made quite the habit of making out with these guys right away, leading them on and when they say the ever-original "I think I'm falling in love with you", she goes from hot-lipped maiden of the Kingdom to Elsa from Frozen...and sends them straight home.

(Except for Jordan, whom we all know she already knew about before the show started. Did they actually meet before the show? She says no, but come on. That doesn't matter too much, since she was still able to Google and Google Image the sh** outta him. And, while he's personally not the type of man I find to be attractive...he's probably one of her best options.)

So what the heck is the point of her being on this show, if she's just going to keep playing hot and cold?!

Do I really think Jojo is a ho? No. But it sounds so good with her name, so I went with it. Do I think Jojo is fake? Yes. And, I know this show is ridiculous and probably somewhat planned/scripted/whatever - but it's just that Jojo is making this season sooo painfully obviously fake. Much like her boob job. She kept Evan the ED (that's erectile dysfunction) specialist with the bad hair (above) around way too long, and same with Alex and his Napoleon Complex. There was zero chemistry between them, but it had to have been a producer call to keep both of them around as long as they stayed. At least Evan didn't have to dress up like Puss in Boots, get called a "cute little gaucho!" and STILL confess his love before being seeing Jojo's eyes glaze over and her body temperature drop as she sent him packing like poor (little) Alex did.

Then Jojo Hoho sends James Taylor home. The fact that he's the nicest, most sincere and normal guy on the show aside...who sends a guy named JAMES TAYLOR home? It just doesn't happen.

Anyway, I look forward to next week, when Jojo cries hysterically and says "My heart is broken", because I really feel like she deserves it.