In other news...parenting is hard

About a month ago, we moved to a new area of the OC. It's a much more family-friendly area. We would always see people our age out and about, with little ones, which we were really enticed by, since we had been living in "Div-OC" (like divorcees living in OC and yes I just made that up this second) for two years and in desperate need of a change of scenery. Plus, we have our own babe on the way and needed central air conditioning.


Since I'm 35 weeks pregnant, walking our feisty, bossy and horrible-on-a-leash pup proves to be somewhat more of a challenge than normal, so my husband often does the honors of taking her to the park just next door for her afternoon/evening walk. Yesterday, he went solo, and came back telling me how he met a nice couple, around our age - mom, pushing a stroller and dad walking beside her, beer in hand. They met because my husband is friendly, but mostly because he's been super cute lately, beaming at everyone walking with a baby.

He told me as they were talking about the usual stuff - "Where ya from? We have our first baby on the way" etc. - the mom said, "You're in for a treat...having a baby is HARD." He and I laughed as he told me this part, and not that I expected it, but I was glad to see he didn't have a look of "Ohhhh, crap" on his face. Later on, I couldn't help but think a little about how saying that to a first-time expecting father who is a complete stranger to you is just a tad...risky, maybe?

I couldn't help but wonder...what if my husband was the kind of guy who was already freaked out about having a baby? Now, Park Mom has him even more scared and I'm all pregnant, having to deal with his now-heightened fear. And, would she have said that if I was with him? Is saying that to a pregnant woman worse? And, no duuuuhhhhh parenting is hard. Especially if you're doing it right, right? And, finally...I'm no prude, but I do find the fact Park Dad had a beer on a walk to be an amusing accompaniment to her statement.

All in all, it's totally not a big deal, but it did get me thinking. Maybe she thought parenting was going to be easier than it turned out to be. I can honestly say I have zero expectations, which I read is a good way to be. I mean, I sit at the doctor's office and the doc is like, "Do you have any questions for me?" and I'm like, "No. Should I?" to which he laughs and shakes his head, telling me it's good to be a calm mom. That's not to say I think parenting is going to be easy, but maybe that's how Park Mom was, too. Maybe she was also a "let's roll with the punches and go with the flow" pregnant woman and BAM! Come to find out it's not just's HARD.

I mean, who knows? This time next year, maybe I'll be blurting that out to a first-time dad-to-be.

Or, maybe I'll have a beer. Just kidding.