Life's little (big) tests

I think there are milestones in life that test you, and your relationships with people. And, these milestone "tests" happen naturally - so naturally, that you might not even realize they're happening, or that they've already happened because you've been busy with...well, life.

Sure, you meet new people throughout the years - coworkers become friends, you meet people here and there through shared interests - maybe even online, who knows? Chances are, new people come into your life...and sometimes people leave, for a multitude of reasons.

I've "lost" friendships when I've entered into relationships, and when those friends have entered into relationships. I've "lost" friendships - or should I say "friendships" - when I simply disagreed (even silently) with destructive life choices they were making. And, some friendships seemed to slowly disintegrate when I - or they - moved away. Physical distance can be tough unless your connection is strong. Sort of like a cell signal.

And - if you really want to test your relationships with friends and family - have a wedding, move to another state, get pregnant and have a baby. It doesn't even have to be all of that, or in that order. There will be some people who will get pissed and have opinions on the seating chart, wedding location, baby registry, whatever. And, of course there are more people who won't. But, when those people disappoint, it stings. Badly. But, I've learned it's really like a cleanse. Because, in my opinion, the only people who should be in anyone's life are people who bring goodness, happiness and take away stress...not add it.

I mean really, how dare they. Get outta here.

For me, moving 2800 miles away from everyone I know, to a place where I know no one (except my husband) was more isolating than I expected. You would think having Facebook/Facetime would make staying close with some people easier, but it really doesn't. Why? Because, I think some (some) people rely too much on it. It's almost voyeuristic, with them thinking that if they can see what you're doing with your life, they've just spent time with you. And, if they comment on a photo/post, then they've just talked to you. It's simply not the same, especially when you're the person who's moved away.

What did you think I meant?

What did you think I meant?

I've personally learned to count more on actions, not words and good intentions - and live by action, too. Walk the walk, and all that. Good thing about life is that it's always changing and making room for more people, lessons and experiences. And tests.

Time to study.

Just kidding, let's go get coffee instead.