Grooming issues

OK, I have a situation and I need your input.

I've been taking Moxie to the same groomer for the last two years. She goes about every 6 weeks, always to the same groomer. Each time I bring her, I naturally expect she'll get what the grooming salon offers: A bath, haircut, ear cleaning and nail trimming. The total always comes out to be $55, and I also tip (rather generously), because Moxie always seems happy, looks pretty and smells good, too. And, because I know she's a wiggler and may require more energy/attention. 

The second-to-last time I picked her up, the groomer said to me, "She actually let me clip her nails this time!"

THIS TIME?! I immediately thought, what about the other 17 times I brought her here?! Granted, Moxie hates her nails clipped, and I could never do them myself...which is WHY I TAKE HER TO A GROOMER. Isn't that their job? If the groomer wasn't clipping her nails every single time I brought her in, why didn't she 1) tell me that, and 2) adjust the price I was paying due to that service not being fulfilled?

(SN: Moxie would have her nails clipped at the vet between grooming visits, because I just thought her nails were growing fast and she wasn't ready yet for another bath/haircut. This was an extra visit - and $ - that I thought was necessary at the time, and now I'm finding out it wasn't)

About a week ago, I brought Moxie to the groomer for the last time. When we picked her up, my husband beat me to it, asking if her nails had been clipped. The groomer said "No, because she gets nervous, pees and I'm afraid the stress she's feeling could trigger a seizure." (The groomer knows Moxie is on the lowest dose of phenobarbital for seizure activity she experienced a year ago that her vet contributed to possible Epilepsy. She hasn't had one seizure since) We cashed out, at the same price we'd been paying all along, and decided we most likely would stop going there.

The more I thought about it, I got even more annoyed that this whole time I thought Moxie was getting her nails trimmed, and I was tipping so generously because I wanted her to continue to receive what I thought was stellar treatment. I also realized within the past two years, aside from the need for phenobarbital, Moxie has had one really bad UTI that required an ER vet visit, increased ear wax/itching, and now - a double ear infection, due to her ears being hairy inside, which holds bacteria. The vet also said, "her ears look really hairy and waxy...doesn't she get regular grooming?" Ear cleaning is also part of the standard grooming service.


I feel so stupid for assuming the best, just because I was paying for it. I mean, should I have gone over her with a fine-toothed comb after every single grooming visit for the past two years? Wouldn't that be a bit redundant? And, should I call the salon/groomer? Leave a bad Yelp review? Or, just leave it alone, find a new groomer and chalk it up to living and learning?

What would you do?