Labor entertainment?

During our Childbirth 101 class, the Labor and Delivery RN instructing our group handed us all lists of what to pack in our hospital bags for when "it's time." Someone asked about bringing a book and she erupted into hysterical laughter. Instead, she said to bring some kind of device that plays movies and/or music, since you most likely won't want to focus on reading. But, she said not to fill your device with relaxing seascape or massage therapy music - rather, opt for a mix of different genres...because who knows what we'll be in the mood for at that time.

I made a mental note to make a Rage Against the Machine playlist. I might be kidding, and I might not be. I'm pretty well-covered in the music department already, so...movies?

The instructor said during her labor, she watched When Harry Met Sally for the 105th time and loved it just as much as the first time. She made the point that it's comforting to watch something familiar, so you can pay attention only when you want to/can, and still feel like you're being entertained by something you enjoy. It made sense to me, so I immediately began thinking of movies I have/wouldn't mind watching more than once. Or twice. Or more. Here's what I came up with (below) - and please, I'd LOVE to hear your in-hospital entertainment suggestions and stories!