The tight pants epidemic

I couldn't help but notice the plethora of too-tight pants on this past season of The Bachelorette. And no, I'm not talking about JoJo. The guys were obsessed with donning pants that outlined their muscular legs to the point that I have no idea how Robby managed to cross his legs.

Is this a thing, now? And, do the guys on the show dress themselves? And, how is that comfortable?

I do think Robby was the biggest offender, and his pants were so tight, he couldn't even walk properly, probably out of fear he'd rip his seam. Must take tiny, tiny steps...


As you'll see below in the tight pants gallery, it wasn't just Robby. And, it wasn't just jeans - it was suit pants, too! I mean, I'm not saying these guys don't have the bods for jeggings, as I always say men always seem to have the legs women want. So, maybe I'm a bit jealous, I don't know - but if I only saw their legs in a photo, I'd have a hard time picking out the actual Bachelorette.