Thanks, John Popper


Back atcha.

Back atcha.

So, I'm crawling out from under my 5-month-old son's play mat because he's napping and I'm writing this. And, it feels both weird and glorious.

Kind of like motherhood.

Each day, I learn something new - about him, about being his mother and about life, in general. Because, now it all makes so much more sense. And, I love love LOVE watching him learn new things, too. From the big things - like rolling over and how to use his hands - to the small things that you only really see if you're quiet and paying attention. And, how about those things that you know no one else would believe you if you told them? Like, how I asked him "where should I put this" and he said, "yeah." PLAIN AS DAY. Or how he yawned during a long video in our baptism class, and ended the yawn with an exasperated "God." See? I knew you wouldn't believe me.


Today, Owen learned that it is virtually impossible to cry while Blues Traveler is playing. Yes, people do still listen to Blues Traveler. I digress. So, he's teething, and was having a fussy moment while I was in the shower. I had Apple Music playing, and while Keith Urban wasn't helping at ALL - not surprisingly...the second he heard that good ol' John Popper harmonica...silence. And then a smile! He went back to playing with his little Baby Einstein toy, and all was good again, and I wonder if they make baby harmonicas? He also has a thing for Annie Lennox, but that's a post for another day.

Like another 5 months from now. Just kidding.