Mom bod

I never had an issue with weight. Meaning...I never cared how much I weighed. I always just paid more attention to how my clothes fit, and if my jeans felt a little snug around my waist, I just stopped eating pizza for a day. I got into and out of Pilates, multiples times, and worked out more when I knew I had to put a bikini on. But, that was always the extent of my 'working out.' I guess I'm pretty lucky, but honestly - I never really thought or cared about it until three months after giving birth and the doctor weighed me in at the same weight I was at my 6-week postpartum appointment.

Is mom bod forever?!

I have to admit, I panicked for a second. Then, I heard all of the mommy voices in my head going, "Don't let societal pressure or celebrity after-baby bods get to you - you lose weight at your OWN pace and every woman is different and sometimes it takes a whole YEAR!" Besides, it's not like I was even trying to lose weight. I wasn't eating awesomely, either. As a new mom, I grabbed whatever was easiest/quickest to throw down my gullet between O's naps. I had gained 45lbs during my pregnancy, and lost 25 afterwards, to give you an idea.

(I also had a pretty rough delivery, but I'll spare you the details. Let's just say the idea of squats and lunges made me break out in a cold sweat and quiver in fear)


I teetered between examining my new-for-now bod when getting into the shower and avoiding the mirror altogether. One day, I was super proud of what my body accomplished - building and birthing a human - and the next afternoon, I'd glare at the impossible size 00 Orange County moms in Target. Just like everything else that comes with new's a rollercoaster and there's a new twist and turn to throw your hands up to every day.

Now, Owen is almost 5 months old - and I literally woke up one (very recent) morning and said, "Wow. I'm starting to truly feel like myself." Maybe it was the confidence I gained after traveling cross-country via plane with a baby who did AMAZING with it...but I hit the Pilates mat, strapped on my Fitbit and opened my Commit30 planner to keep track of my #momlife. Not so much for the outside...although I won't mind slimming down the ol' rear...but for the all-so-important inside.

Remember to breeeeeathe, says Mari Winsor. Ahh, better. I wonder if she knows how profound that gentle reminder is.

Oh, gotta go. Someone adorable woke up. Weeeeeeeeeee!