Stir crazy

Being a WAHM/SAHM can be somewhat isolating, if you allow it to be. Which, when your day flies off the rails and it's not even 8:30am, can also be unavoidable. So, you use music or TV as background noise, try to stay as current as you can with social media and hope tomorrow is a different story. Because let's be honest - days spent centered around someone who can't even talk back yet can be quite a challenge.


On those crazy days, I find myself thinking about the most random things. Like:

Should I get my cartilage pierced, or am I too old for that? I had it pierced once, when I was 18. The piercer used a needle and so I had a hoop in. Turns out, I chose the ear that I slept on the most so it really bothered me and I took it out. It's since closed up, but I've always liked the look of a little stud up there. Thoughts? Is this a mom-gone-wild idea?

Isn't it weird to watch reruns of 7th Heaven, in which Stephen Collins plays a reverend, knowing he's a complete pervert in real life?

Why doesn't Bravo actually follow some REAL housewives - instead of thrice-divorced, over-filled-and-Botoxed women in their 50s?

Will I ever wear those 4-inch heels in my closet ever again?

Should I sell my wedding dress? I always thought that maybe I'd save it and try to pass it on to a daughter, but now that we have Owen, that may not happen. And, I always thought dresses were meant to be worn and enjoyed, not preserved in a closet for who knows how many years. I'm torn. On one hand, maaaaybe I'll have a granddaughter and maaaaybe she'll want to incorporate it somehow. Or, maaaaaaybe not, and the dress just winds up sitting there for nothing. Thoughts?


How do people have more than one child and still manage to shower regularly?

Is a white noise machine really necessary? Sometimes, I feel like it bothers Owen more than not. And, I don't really want him to grow up being one of those guys whose significant other is like whyy do you NEED a white noise machine to sleep - UGH. GROW UP as they silently curse me for subjecting him - and them - to it.

*Shrug* I better get out of here.