Hey, mom! Vent here.


I opened my sleep-deprived eyes and checked the monitor - then let my heavy head fall back into the pillow and grabbed my phone. I opened my email, and, blinking away the tiredness, read my latest five email headlines out loud - which were all centered around mommying. "How to get your toddler talking", "All about your toddler's development", "Toys you NEED" and "Tips for your picky eater." 

OK, so all emails were relevant and intended to be useful, but I don't even know why I get them, and...jeeze, let me have some coffee first. I'm not a huge advice giver, or taker - unless I ask for it. I don't subscribe to mom blogs and I haven't read a single mom book. I love our pediatrician(s) and have less than a handful of mom friends in my boat. And, as all moms know - some days are the bomb dot com and everything goes 110% perfectly, and some days you just throw your hands in the air and realize all you've eaten that day was the crust of a PB and honey sandwich. So, on those days, the last thing I think moms need to read is an email subject centered around how to do a mom thing better. Like, F you...really.

As I stood at the counter, making a grocery list and watching Owen happily eat his breakfast, I thought:

Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, formula, co-sleeping, sleep training, tummy time, bottle weaning, solid foods, diaper rash, first cold, vaccinations, first shoes, play dates, trying new foods, not wanting new foods, well visits, laundry, laundry, laundry, sleep regressions, teething...it's a lot. And, people have a lot of opinions about how you should do all of it. Even your email dings with unsolicited advice. But, no matter how you do it - as long as your child is happy and healthy...you're freaking Wonder Woman. 

So, if you want to tell a parenting know-it-all off, leave a comment here. Think of it as a safe, anonymous space to vent about that certain someone who thinks they know the only way to parent your kid, but you're connected on Facebook so you can't do it there. Trust me, it'll feel great to get it off your chest. Hey, I'm bound to chime in time to time, too.