Are gift cards thoughtless?


It seems people are getting harder and harder to buy gifts for. We live in an “I want it, and I want it now” society, so I think a lot of people just buy what they want as soon as they realize they want it. 

Thanks, Amazon. 

So, are gift cards thoughtless? Once deemed the gift that says, “I don’t feel like thinking about you or what you’re here, enjoy Olive Garden because who doesn’t like Olive Garden” (SN: I’m talking late 90s so yes, everyone loved OG back then) — giving someone a gift card nowadays says “I thought about you and what you need/want and I realized you have everything so here, when you see something else you want, get it on me.” 

Thoughtful, in my opinion.   

It definitely takes away any chance of an awkward face when you open something you don’t like, want, need, don’t use. Especially if you’re like me, and feel uncomfortable opening gifts in front of others to begin with. AND - you don’t have to see your recipient pretend to like whatever you just got them. 

PLUS - there’s a reason why those gift card stands are always sparse this time of year. People know what’s up. 

When in doubt, gift card it out.