Paper or e-paper?


I love notebooks, journals, day planners, pads, etc. I always have. If I can scribble in it, I want it. I’m also a list maker, since if I don’t make a list and need milk, I will go to the store and come back with everything BUT milk.  

Thing is, I use my phone to keep track of appointments...and sometimes my lists. But thennnnn...when I get to the store, I wish I just had a little piece of paper in my hand rather than my iPhone. 

Such the conundrum!

And there’s no easy answer, since sometimes I think of something I need and don’t have the paper list I’ve already started, so I make a note in my phone. Now, I have TWO lists!

Conundrum, I tell you!


Bah. Such is life in 2017/18. At least I know that when I go to check out, I’m using my reusable bags and saving plastic from entering our oceans. 

Do you use reusable bags? Let me offer you a tip: Skip buying those little tiny tote bags that only fit a gallon of milk and bag of frozen peas. You know those huge reusable bags from Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Homegoods? Last time I checked, they were like $1 a bag and they make amazing grocery store/Target bags. They can hold sooo much, which means less trips to/from the car to unload and the straps are comfortable enough to carry a bag AND the baby all at once! 

Put them on your list(s).