Cabin fever cures

Brrrrr. This is getting ridiculous, now. 

She's smiling because she's only 2 hours in.

She's smiling because she's only 2 hours in.

Dangerously low temps have made the last few days pretty boring, since it's not really a great idea to drag a 16-month-old out of the house when meteorologists and co. are all, "Don't go out unless you have to!" 

Note: This does NOT apply to pizza delivery people. Sorry, bundle up and I hope my antipasto doesn't have onions.

Thus, we've been camping out and getting some stuff done around the house, but also trying to have fun and stay active. We've had dance parties (which we generally have anyway) and played hide-and-seek and O likes to help with chores as much as he can, too. Of course, we've indulged in the occasional movie and TV show. During O's naps, I've been binging on Pretty Little Liars via Netflix. Hey, mama's gotta find a cure for her cabin fever, too! Microwaving my coffee and not washing my hair can only go so far in the way of amusement. 

SO...what are your cabin fever cures for your little(s) and/or yourself? Are you building a fort, breaking out a craft project, finally getting to watch that horror movie (SN: There is actually a horror movie called Cabin Fever and it's so dumb and gross), painting your nails and grazing on cold pizza and yogurt pretzels? Or are you like, "F this bitter cold, I'm going out and don't care if I lose a finger and couple of toes"? If so...high five to you!

Or four. RIP pinkie.