'Tis the season to CALM YOURSELF


It was right before Thanksgiving, I think, when I was shopping and felt a difference in the air. It was a palpable panic, and I glanced at the faces around me and they were all frenzied and wide-eyed more than usual. It was obvious the holidays were approaching and while they should be a time filled with joy and happiness...they're also filled with anxiety.

But, why? Why does it seem like mostly everyone turns into a jerk when they're in public this time of year? More people don't return their carts to the corrals (which always drives me nuts, like why is that so hard?!) and less people say "excuse me" when trying to get by in an aisle. That's also a huge pet peeve of mine.

I mean, honestly - everyone needs to calm down and take a look at the big picture, here. We know this time of year comes at the same time every.single.year. It's funny to me how even UPS, USPS and FedEx are like "we're very busy this time of year and things may be delayed" because it's not like the holidays are just sprung on them. Duh. Can't we all just plan accordingly?

Besides, just imagine yourself, all cozy in your jammies and sipping your coffee or cocoa and then you blink and it's 2018, just like that. 

So, enjoy the ride. Be nice, be kind and chill the F out. And shop online.