What I'll miss about CA...and what I won't

Biggie > Tupac  

Biggie > Tupac  

After almost three years in Orange County, we're moving back to the East Coast! And, what I've come to learn is the best coast, in my opinion. Sure, California is gorgeous - really gorgeous - but, my heart is back east. Luckily, my husband agrees. However, that doesn't mean that I won't miss certain things about Cali - it's where Owen was born, after all. And, it also doesn't mean that certain things about The OC don't irritate me more than sand in my shoes. Here are some other thangs, in no particular order.

Duh. The weather. But, you know what? Ever see the movie Groundhog Day will Bill Murray? It's like that. Often, I found myself praying/wishing/hoping/dancing/meditating for a rainy day. Not just for drought purposes, either...just to break up the monotony. And to provide a lil' damp relief to some of those leather faces you see 'round these parts.

Being able to buy wine in grocery stores - AND CVS. This is just uber convenient. Deodorant and Riesling, FTW.

Nearly ALL of the homes are 50 shades of brown. If you go closer to the coast, they're mostly all shades of cream. With brown roofs. Those are your choices. I think it's a law or something. I'm serious, by the way - it really might be.

Sprouts. It's basically the cutest little Cali version of Whole Foods. Which, we also have. Everyone here is alllll about "organic this and organic that"...and I've happily been recruited as a member of that cult. But, that doesn't mean I won't indulge in a jar of Tostitos Salsa Con Government Queso.

A lot of peeps here are rude and snobby as all hell. I know you probably can't imagine that people who live a few miles from the most beautiful beaches would be anything less than happy, smiley and all "chill, bruh." But, it's true. Best example: When shopping in a store, and someone wants/needs to get by you, they don't pipe up and say "excuse me" - they just WAIT. They literally wait for you to feel their eyes staring, and their presence looming over you until you acknowledge their existence and move by without a word said by either of you. Then, when you move your cart/body so they can pass, they do so as if they were entitled to not have you there in the first place. I SWEAR THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. Welcome to Orange County. It took me a while to realize this coldness was apparently OC custom, but I refuse to conform, so I still say "excuse me" when I need to get by someone, or even if I simply walk in front of someone staring at grocery store shelf. I mean, it's not hard to be polite. /rant that has been building for three years. Whew. That felt good. 

*big inhale...aaand exhale* OK, moving on. 

The worst pizza in the world is Californian. It's either too doughy or like cardboard. And, it's carbs so it's like, taboo to eat pizza here anyway. And, bagels? HAHAHAHA. You're clearly a rabid animal if you eat those.

Conversely, the best produce and seafood exists here. Except, I'm hesitant about the local seafood because I read there's a nuclear reactor slowly leaking somewhere off the coast of Japan and I find it suspicious that all these seals are always getting sick and coming to our shores, acting weird. Sad. So, I honestly haven't had fish in almost two years.

And, finally... 

Everyone is blonde. I'm not.