Get over it

Unicorns. I know, I know - they're mystical. But, they're everywhere now. How is that mystical?


Make-your-own-slime. Gross. AND UNICORN POOP SLIME? Come on.

Adam Sandler movies. No reason needed, amiright?

#foodporn. Not food photos, because I love those - but the hashtag. The food isn't having sex. It's just sitting there.

Tanning beds/booths. Do people seriously do this anymore? I'm not sure, but if they do - it's time to s-t-o-p. It's so bad for you! Spray or self tan. Or actual sun. 

Via pinterest

Via pinterest

Ear gauges. Have you ever seen photos of how stretched-out earlobes are repaired? Vomit. I dare you to Google it. 

Chokers. They were hot again for a minute. Like overalls! But....bye.

Hitting your key fob twice to make your car's horn go off. STOP IT. You don't have to do that in order to lock your car. Adopt the mantra of "one and done." Unless you have some security system that requires that...but it better be a damn Lambo, not a Mazda. And - I just realized I wrote something very similar not that long ago. Sorry. I'm obviously passionate about it. Moving on...

Arguing over stupid stuff. I don't think we realize it's stupid in the moment, though. But, life is too short for that crapola. Take a breath and think before speaking. I'm not preaching, btw - this is a reminder for me, too. 



Crocs. I just can't anymore. Not even on Mario Batali. Or kids. WHYYYYY. I always think those things are molding their little squishy feet into their wide, hobbit shape, and I cry a little.

Gum-snapping. You don't have to do this while chewing gum. I mean, it's just not necessary...and it isn't done on accident, either. It takes WORK. Annoying. 

And finally...

Writing complaint-filled blog posts. 

I'm done!