Don't lie to me

It really shouldn't be called The Voice when 98% of the season is about changing the contestant's appearance in order to make them more marketable in the music industry. I missed a couple episodes this season and when I turned it on again, I had no idea who 4 of them were anymore. It should be called The Voice For Five Minutes and Then Can We Market Them Because That's More Important (and why today's music sucks so bad). That was actually the working title.

Don't tell me you never argue with your spouse. Like, never? Stop. Are you alive?

Sometimes, you crave McDonald's fries and maybe even a milkshake to dip them in. STOP SHAKING YOUR HEAD YES YOU DO.

You think toots/burps are funny. Unless it's someone else. Then it's just rude.

The musical Cats makes you want to claw your eyes out. Even if you've never seen it.

If it weren't for Facebook, you wouldn't remember the birthdays of 95% of the people you know.

Speaking of Facebook and "people you know" ...

You really do know those suggested "people you may know" - but you have zero interest in connecting with them. Or, dare I've already connected with them in real life and that ship has sailed. If you catch my drift. In any case, HIDE HIDE HIDE.

When you hear a name like Allie, Lindsey or Amy - you don't expect that woman to be older than 25. I actually met an Amanda who is in her 70s and I nearly fainted. I also think it's super cool because I'm not sure if those were popular names back then? I mean, Karen, Nancy, Susan? Sure. But I imagine the mother of 70-year-old Allie had to have been pretty hip back then, no? IDK - maybe it's just me. Moving on...

You're getting at least a little sick of Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV's Fixer Upper. Come on. They're everywhere and super apple pie, dimples and 'aww shucks babe, I love ya.' It's not that I want them to be all Tarek and Christina, but how about a little more grit and a little less goo? Think...Nate and Jeremiah who are my new faves. However, Joanna remains my t-shirt/jeans goals example. She rocks that combo like no other, in my opinion. And I want her hair.

I think that's enough for now. Have an honest weekend!