This isn't about The Bachelorette

LIED. This is, in fact, about the new season of The Bachelorette, so if you're not into it, click the x now. If this horrifically scripted and manipulated show is still your guilty pleasure, continue...

OK. Hi! Welcome to knowing you're not alone, and it's okay to admit your addiction to this show here, completely free of judgement.

I'm so excited for tonight's premiere of The Bachelorette that I think about it, on average, about once every 90 minutes. I have my wine chilling in the fridge and cannot wait to judge every.single.guy that gets out of that limo.

Also - how incredible is the new Bachelorette? Honestly, I haven't been this excited about the Bachelorette as a person since Kaitlyn Bristowe - who now travels the country with her fiance's (Shawn Booth) fitness company CitySTRONG, where she sips wine while doing lunges on stage. THAT IS THE LIFE.

Anyway, the new Bachelorette was my fave from Nick Vile's (yes, I know it's spelled Viall) season. Rachel Lindsay is super cool, super smart and rumor has it she's also currently engaged AND this is supposed to be the most dramatic season yet.

They say that every season but I don't care I AM SO READY.

I'll be live-tweeting here on the blog with the hashtag #TheBachelorette, if you want to follow/chat/laugh/cyberly cheers our wine glasses later.