Men's summer footwear

Love these... Via

Love these...

With warmer weather, comes feet. Hopefully, those feet/toenails are fresh, clipped, lotioned and ready for viewing. And, while I think dudes deserve to let their dogs breathe, I also think those sandals should be just as fresh as their feet. I got used to seeing guys flip flop around SoCal pretty much all year long, but even those laid-back beach bums knew to change up their footwear for the occasion. As in, beach = flip flops. Dinner at night = nicer flip flops, or maybe some casual kicks.

I love shoes. They're the one item that I think can take an outfit from day to evening. So, here are some options for a comfortable, casual and good lookin' summer, curated by yours truly. Each photo is linked up with click-to-buy.