Pores suck



I'm super into skincare. I love trying new lotions, masks, etc. I don't remember how I came across this Refinery 29 article from 2016, but safe to say I must have been deep into the beauty/skincare interweb late one night.

It's about pore vacuums. What are those, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. I hope you're not eating.

It's simply a tool that sucks oil and blackheads from your pores. It's big in Korea, which is like - the mecca of skincare, in case you didn't already know. So, I had to try it.

I did some research and found that if you use a tool that has too much suction and you leave it in the same place, you get bruise your skin, or make it look like you got a hickey. I also read an article on Elle.com where Dr. Sandra Lee (AKA "Dr. Pimple Popper") states that if the suction is too high:

"It's called telangiectasia when you have superficial blood vessels that dilate because you have too much suction or too much pressure on the surface of the skin." These broken blood vessels can be permanent, appearing thin, red, and thread-like. "You'd have to get a laser treatment to get rid of them,"

Ahhh! Still, I persisted in my research. I actually found a pore vacuum tool by KRASR that has five different suction settings, so you can adjust the strength. And, I tried it for the first time last night - and for the second time this morning. There are also different little heads for the tool that have different functions - a microdermabrasion tool and a skin firming tool. I'm not really interested in those right now, but maybe down the road when I'm more comfortable with using it.


Sorry, sorry. It worked so well, I was actually shocked. It's important to make sure you steam your skin to open the pores, and to use it going in one direction, not back and forth - and again...don't stay in one spot too long. I can see why people do, because you're watching to see if it's working, but wait to see the gunk you've collected when you're done.

All in all, it's a very interesting device, and I definitely felt a difference afterwards. AND, it's not nearly as painful as those Biore strips. Youch! And, I think it works so much better.

Kind of brings a new meaning to the phrase, "I gotta vacuum", doesn't it?