Here are some random baby posts that never became grownup adult posts:

I'm so backwards. When it's cold out, I want to wear a t-shirt for some reason, yet when it's hot AF out, I'm pulling on a sweatshirt. Am I alone? I've always been like this, per my mom.

And what's up with these horrible uniform colors?!

And what's up with these horrible uniform colors?!

What's on your playlist these days? I'm digging the new Liam Gallagher single, and I typically just check out Apple Music's curated daily playlists. But, I need a good "leave it on and don't skip a song" album. Shuffling my library is not an option, because I have Christmas music on there and it's weird to hear in June.

You know what's a really bad TV show? Two Broke Girls. I feel like every episode is the same and the jokes are predictable.

At what point does calling someone out online become cyber-bullying? Like, for example - if someone cuts you off, and you post their car, license plate and other descriptive details online, inviting a free-for-all of comments and namecalling...are you bullying? Nowadays, with social media...I tend to lean more toward yes, you are.

I can't decide if I like Ryan Seacrest, or if I just tolerate him. I think if I met him in person, I would just be like, "hey."

If I'm walking down the street, and I see a person walking a Pit bull coming toward me, and I'm a little scared - does that make me a horrible person? I know Pits get a really bad rap, and that it's important they have the right owners (which, how would I know if it's a stranger walking them?) - but I can't help but feel terrible that their big mouths and super muscular bodies scare me at first.

I'm giving up bread-y products for a little bit, in an effort to speed up shedding the last 10ish lbs of baby weight I have left. It's gonna bagel hard, and sometimes I donut think I can do it, but then I think that I might as well just take a cracker at it.

I knew that we were moving close to NYC, but I had no idea I would be able to see the skyline from my neighborhood! It's very majestic and exciting.

After being back on the east coast for a month or so, now - I can say the only thing I miss about the west coast is that I didn't sweat at all there, because of the dry climate. Damn humidity.

But probably if I sweated more, I could go back to eating bagels.