My newest obsessions

The title of the post says it all, so let's jump in:

HelloFresh. I didn't think I'd ever really try a meal delivery service, but I'm so glad I did. What led me to jump in? Well, they offered $30 off the first week, and I was tired of spending so much energy trying to figure out what was for dinner that night. And also - I'm not a great cook, even if I do enjoy it sometimes. So, HelloFresh was practically MADE for me. I love that there's fresh ingredients, I can choose what meals we want, that there's always just 6 easy steps when it comes to cooking the meals and that I feel so proud of making something so delicious. I have a bunch of free boxes to give away, so if you're interested in giving it a try, let me know!

It was this IG repost from Jessica Alba via JBeebeShoes that initially caught my eye!

It was this IG repost from Jessica Alba via JBeebeShoes that initially caught my eye!

Honest Beauty. Even though I've always thought Jessica Alba was ridiculously gorgeous, and one of my hair idols - I wasn't super intrigued by the Honest Company baby products (but I do love their hand sanitizer, even if I don't think hand sanitizer is really good for you but that's another story). HOWEVER, I follow Honest Beauty on Insta, and happened to see a bunch of comments saying how amazing the Younger Face moisturizer was. AND - I went to Target that afternoon and was delighted to see Honest Beauty is sold there. It was fate. And, I have to say - I'm in LOVE with that moisturizer, as well as the Magic Balm, Replenishing Mist, and Younger Eye Cream. So far.

Red Bull - the tropical flavor. Yes, I know Red Bull isn't GREAT for you, but it's so delicious and gives me that lift that an afternoon coffee could, except I can't stand the way coffee coats my mouth and makes it dry af. However, I do not drink RB's daily. Or with vodka.

Apple Smart Battery Case. I was getting tired of having to charge my phone every.single.night and sometimes throughout the day. I wouldn't get a text or email for hours and then when I'd go to charge it across the room, it would start dinging. Annoying. Now, I can go pretty much an entire day without having to worry about that. Worth the $99 investment.

evil eye.jpg

Evil eyes. Evil eyes protect you from jerks, says Greek culture. The evil eye is a curse and has lots of symptoms - headaches, nausea, dizziness, or just feeling crappy. It's given to you by someone who doesn't like you, is envious of you...or even by someone who is obsessed with you. I'm not worried about getting this curse, per se, but I do like to feel like I have some form of extra protection from a-holes in this day and age. I got this beautifully delicate evil eye necklace from an Etsy shop called ALTUJIN.

Those are just some things that are getting me though my days lately, and I'd love to hear yours! Happy Friday!

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