[Mom post] Can we talk about food?

meal plan for 1 year old.jpg

When Owen turned 6 months old, and started solids, his California pediatrician gave me a guide to follow: Start with orange veggies, wait 3 days, go to green, wait 3 days, etc. No fruits until 12 months. No meats until 12 months. No peanut butter until 12 months. No dairy until 12 months.

Then we moved to New Jersey.

Our pediatrician here is super adamant about trying everything - peanut butter, honey, eggs, dairy (now, at 12 months), etc. And, now that we're at that 12-month mark, I'm relieved that my food horizons have expanded. Owen isn't allergic to PB, thankfully. Also, we're obsessed with bananas. I feel like I have breakfast foods down alright, and dinner is squared away, too. But, what about lunch? I've never been good at lunch foods for myself, so...


Can you give this mama some lunchtime ideas, please? I'll also take breakfast and dinner, too!