What I'd like to say to the driver of that car...


To the big, huge, loud truck: I didn't expect you, of all cars, to stop and hold up traffic in order to let those two women cross the road. I'm also sorry for car profiling you. The two ladies weren't even in a crosswalk, but you didn't care. That's badass. They were coming from a cemetery, and needed to get back to their car, which was parked on a street. It was really nice of you to stop, and I want you to know I didn't mind at all, and would have stopped for them if you didn't. I also want you to know it wasn't me who beeped their horn at you. I hope you have the best day ever.

To the silver Honda Accord: Relax. I'm doing the speed limit and have a kid in the car. Get off my ass and where are you going that's soooo important, anyway? Dunkin' Donuts?!

To the red Toyota something or other: I'm sorry I parked like a jerk. I know I did, and saw it as I turned around to head into the building. I almost went back to fix it, but I had my one-year-old with me and that's a lot to strap him back in for. PLUS, I was only running in and out and I tried to be quick but the girl behind the desk was super slow. By the time I got back out, you were trying to park and giving me annoyed looks. I almost apologized to your face but your dirty looks were scary. Anyway, sorry again. I'll do better next time.

To the minivan: Pay attention, please. You nearly sideswiped me while drifting into my lane. However, I get the whole mom thing and just want you and your kiddos to be safe!

To the blue Hyundai: Your taste in music is awful. You also shouldn't toss garbage out of your car YOU DIRTBAG!

To the black Mercedes: Thank you for paying for my coffee in the drive-thru. I paid it forward, just so you know. Also, I wish I knew what color you had on your nails because I saw it as you grabbed your coffee and it was so pretty. Like an off-white but not like Bic White-Out.

*If anyone has any nail polish suggestions that sound like this color, send them my way!*