What's the fuss about Meghan Markle?


I was obsessed with the royal wedding of William + Kate. It was a real-life fairy tale and watching Kate Middleton float down the aisle and become royalty was enchanting, to say the least. She carried herself with such grace and poise, and to this day - she doesn't take a bad photo. It's like she was BORN for this.

Meghan Markle? I think I'm still going through a phase of not being convinced. Yes, she's beautiful, a philanthropist and has been a feminist since the age of 11, which is badass, but still...something felt...'off' somehow. 

Is it her style? I'm not completely impressed. While she does seem to be very laid back and into scarves and pea coats, I was not liking the shades of beige she adorned for Christmas. Like...why? Harry's blue attire doesn't complement it, either. Shame.


But then, she scored some style wins for me -- and has been been compared stylistically to the late Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Classic. That tan skirt and black turtleneck is smart as hell. But, still...wasn't enough for me to buy a ticket on the MM train.

Is it her facial expressions? Maybe. Sometimes, they feel forced, snarky and veiled. I don't know. She is an actress...albeit not an Oscar-winning actress, but still. This interview Harry and Meghan gave shortly after their engagement announcement also just felt contrived and like she was trying to hide a British accent she knows we know she shouldn't have because she's from LA. Sigh. 

I remember thinking, am I alone in this? I mean, it does seem like a lot of people are enamored by her, so maybe I'm missing something. 

Then I realized it. I was comparing her to Kate. Subconsciously, but I was still thinking that Kate's way was the only way, I guess. And that's not fair, because I mean -- Harry is not exactly like Will...at all. We've come to know Harry as the more humorous, wild brother. So, makes sense he'd fall for a sassy, strong American woman, right? 


So, while I'm not yet reserving my seat on the Markle Express to Kensington Palace, I will be tuning in to their wedding if it's at all televised, because I am 100% certain she will look absolutely breathtaking. 

And also I'll need to see what my girl Kate is wearing.